About US

Having the prerogative to be the foremost university of Sibi; Mir Chakar Khan Rind University is built with the purpose to stand autonomous on the urge of education, pedagogy and research in the rural fields of Balochistan. It is staunch towards its broad Vision i.e. forever learning through knowledge and hard work. The university is purely devoted to the theoretical and the practical research at undergraduate level that provide insights to the students regarding the Pakistan related and international teaching and preparation.

Currently, the Mir Chakar Khan University has four departments namely; Department of Education, Computer Sciences, English and Business Administration. Since having an educational forum that is progressive in terms of education and technical assistance is a dire of the economy, therefore Mir Chakar Khan University is looking forward to impart an extensive platform to the students of Pakistan and abroad where they can be the initiators and leaders of their own ideologies.

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