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The Department of Education was established in 2019 and is among the founding departments of the University. It inducted its first batch of B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary (4-Years) students in Fall Semester 2019. In a short period, Department established its credibility and launched new programs in Spring Semester, including B.Ed. Secondary (1.5-Years) and B.Ed. Secondary (2.5-Years). The Department of Education holds a prominent place in the University. Currently, it is the largest Department of the University in terms of student enrollment and the number of running batches. Our Department has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials, publications in HEC recognized W, X and Y categories journals, and are highly regarded. Faculty members have been conferred prestigious recognitions at national and international conferences and are continually involved in professional development.


Education is recognized as a panacea to all evils. Education changes people’s lives. Teachers hold a prominent place in the education system to achieve the stated functions in their true spirit. Teachers serve as a source of competitive advantage. Education studies provide a good platform for all those who want to take on socially responsible professional roles in various settings. The department of education strives to give the young generation enough academic knowledge and professional training so that they can fulfil the youthful aspirations of earning a decent living, assuming a dignified role in society, rendering social service, contributing to the progress and prosperity of the nation and participate in shaping the future generations. We are looking for excellence in teacher education programs for producing qualified, prolific and devoted teachers as they are the desideratum of technologically advanced time to meet the challenges of the progressive world.









Faculty Members

Our team is working everyday to provide a better education ensure you get the best education

Dr. Faiz Ul Hassan Shah

Assistant Professor

Mazahar Gull

Dr. Mazhar Gul

Assistant Professor (Chairperson)

Dr. Abdul Ahad Roshan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Moin

Assistant Professor

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