Advance Diploma in Finance

Course Description

This course is designed to  help students of beginner level to understand and improve interpersonal skills in business environment. communication skills are essential to interact during business activities for smooth functioning  to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts.

Courses Offered

1. Functional English 

2. Technical report writing

3. Communication skills 

4. Business communication I

5. Business communication II

Fee Structure


Registration Fee:  Rs.2000/- Sessional

Security Fee: (Refundable) Rs. 2000/-

Transport Fee: Rs. 1000/-per semester/certificate (optional) 

B.Department of Management Sciences Fee:

Tuition Fee:    Rs. 6000/- per course

Student’s ID Card Charges:   Rs. 500/- Sessional 

Provisional Certificate: Rs. 1000/- Sessional 

Examination Fee: Rs. 500/- per semester 


Two Semester ( 1 Year)