Diploma in Human Resource Management

Course Description

This diploma is basically designed to provide students the basic understanding of key HRM fundamentals which are necessary for HR professionals. Since human resource provides a competitive advantage that ultimately  has a vital role in success and effectiveness of any organization, this diploma emphasizes on the understanding of the basic concepts of  managing human resource and their applications in today's organizations.

Courses Offered

1. Introduction to Human Resource Management

2. Organizational behavior 

Optional Courses

1. Leadership and Team Management 

2. Personnel Policy

3. Training and development   

4. Stress Management

5. Conflict and Crises Management 

6. Industrial Relation  

7. Labor laws in Pakistan   

8. Recruitment and selection 

Fee Structure


Registration Fee:  Rs.2000/- Sessional

Security Fee: (Refundable) Rs. 2000/-

Transport Fee: Rs. 1000/-per semester/certificate (optional) 

B.Department of Management Sciences Fee:

Tuition Fee:    Rs. 6000/- per course

Student’s ID Card Charges:   Rs. 500/- Sessional 

Provisional Certificate: Rs. 1000/- Sessional 

Examination Fee: Rs. 500/- per semester 


Two Semester ( 1 Year)