Diploma in Marketing

Course Description

Marketing diploma is focused toward providing an understanding of the rationale for marketing from a managerial perspective and the manipulation of marketing mic to achieve business goals. practically the diploma encompasses activities such as demand creation and stimulation, marketing P's, advertising, brand management and all related areas are covered.

Courses Offered

1. Principles of Marketing 

 2. Marketing Management 

3. Communication skills 

Optional Courses

1. Consumer Behavior         

  2.  Marketing Services 

3. Brand Management 

4. Sales Management 

5. International Marketing       

6. Advertising Management 

7. Export Management       

8. Cyber Marketing

Fee Structure


Registration Fee:  Rs.2000/- Sessional

Security Fee: (Refundable) Rs. 2000/-

Transport Fee: Rs. 1000/-per semester/certificate (optional) 

B.Department of Management Sciences Fee:

Tuition Fee:    Rs. 6000/- per course

Student’s ID Card Charges:   Rs. 500/- Sessional 

Provisional Certificate: Rs. 1000/- Sessional 

Examination Fee: Rs. 500/- per semester 


Two Semester ( 1 Year)